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What Kind of Book Is Sumotori: A 21st Century Samurai Thriller?

Sumotori: A 21st Century Samurai Thriller is essentially a crime novel, but it’s a lot more than that! Set in present-day Japan, it’s the tale of a sports hero in danger. Crime boss Yamada Hideyoshi would rather use Tatsuyama than tate gyoji kimura shonosuke see wikipedia gyojidestroy him. But if Tatsuyama refuses to support the crime boss’s plan to control sumo, then Tatsuyama must go. Yamada will use or harm anyone close to Tatsuyama in the relentless pursuit of what he wants. Whatever the hero may decide to do, the danger can only deepen, and the stakes can only go higher.

Sumotori: A 21st Century Samurai Thriller is a cross-cultural human interest piece. The unfolding plot proves to be just as gripping to the American TV crew in the story as it is to those directly involved with Japan’s colorful national sport. It’s a compelling story for sports fanatics and for those less passionate about athletics alike.

There are definitely love interests in Sumotori: A 21st Century Samurai Thriller. Difficult decisions the hero must make along the way will determine whether relationships can work out the way he begins to hope they will. You’ll find yourself wondering whether the hero will yearn for the same outcome that you do!

And where does the “21st Century Samurai” part come into the story? You’re not going to get that answer just yet! I believe you’ll be intrigued, though, by the fusion of the traditional and modern!

So if you like a good story, let Sumotori: A 21st Century Samurai Thriller take you to the exotic haunts of its fascinating and memorable characters.

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