2016 Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award Winner

Author GP HUTCHINSON - 2016 Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award Winner

Updating the Packaging

A New Look on Social Media for Author GP Hutchinson

As almost all of my writing during the past year has focused on the Old West, and as I look forward to developing many more characters and stories from that colorful era and that broad stage, I’ve decided it’s time to change the packaging Facebook Logoon my internet presence.

The new header and new tagline now appear here on my author website, plus on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

Why the Change?

When I was transitioning from writing a modern thriller set in Japan to writing my first Western, it made sense to use the tag, “Where East Meets West for Adventure and Suspense.” But as more and more readers are coming to associate my name with the Western genre, it makes sense to let folks know what kind of Westerns they can expect from me, rather than focusing on the leap from Far East to Old West.Hutch_Banner_2.jpg

So What Can Readers Expect?

Contemporary Western romances are fine, if that’s what someone is looking for, but I don’t anticipate marketing any books with shirtless, chisel-chested cowboys on the cover. Neither will I write or sell books that describe in mind-numbing detail scenes of excessively graphic gore or gratuitous sex. Nope.

The new tag, Classic-Style Westerns for Today’s Readers, sums up pretty well what folks can expect from author GP Hutchinson. Not simply recycled spaghetti Western material. Fresh new stories that move along lickety-split. Cinematic style. Unexpected heroes, villains, and supporting players that don’t come straight from a box. Timeless themes developed against the backdrop of rugged mountains, searing deserts, and rolling prairies. All this with a feel that echoes the style of the heyday of Western novels and movies.

It’s not that I’ll never write in any genre other than Westerns again. In fact, I’m pretty sure I will. But for now, I’m thoroughly enjoying the unique blend of settings, character-types, and stories that have to do with the American West of the late 1800s.

I love the notion of untamed wide-open spaces, of galloping horses of every color and pattern, of men and women of character standing up to the challenges of life on the edge of civilization. I like high action and heroes with heart.

If you share these sorts of interests or if you think this might be a good place for you to start exploring the world of the Old West, then I invite you to grab a copy of Strong Convictions, the first installment in a series of fast-paced novels featuring the young Texas Ranger Emmett Strong as the lead character.

Meanwhile, let me get back to work on the sequel, Strong Suspicions. Thanks for your interest. Adios, amigos.

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