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Tecovas: My New Favorite Boot Brand

Tecovas Boots–I’d never heard of them until I stumbled across an article about them in Cowboys & Indians Magazine a few weeks ago. Now, they’re easily my new favorite brand.

My new Tecovas Cartwright Western boots in Desert Calf premium leather.

What Makes Tecovas So Special?

Just looking at the tones, texture, and luster of the calfskin, as well as the precision stitching, I knew that if Tecovas were as nice up close and personal as they appeared to be in photos, these could end up being the finest boots I’ve ever worn.

These are premium-quality, handmade boots, designed in Austin, Texas, and crafted by skilled artisans in Leon, Mexico. And because they’re sold online only, direct to the buyer, they cost only a fraction of what similar boots would run. In customer reviews they are consistently and favorably compared with top brands, such as Lucchese, yet they cost only half the price.

New to You, Too?

Texas-born entrepreneur Paul Hedrick founded Tecovas Boots in 2015 with a focus on classic designs, top-grade materials, and first-rate workmanship. As a young businessman in Manhattan (the one in New York, not Kansas), he had been frustrated over the dearth of affordable high-quality boots there. So he took his business knowledge, did a lot of research and investigation, and started his own company back home in Texas. Now, he makes and sells the kinds of boots he longed to wear during his sojourn in New York. He doesn’t yearn to be the biggest bootmaker in North America, mind you–only the best.

To help keep prices down without skimping on quality, Hedrick offers only four basic designs in men’s boots and three in women’s. He maintains a small showroom in Austin, but sells exclusively online.

Some folks may feel leery about buying footwear online, but Hedrick’s boots run true to Brannock Device sizes. What’s more, he offers free shipping both directions in the event that boots need to be exchanged or returned.

A Sales Pitch?

If all this all sounds like a paid endorsement, it absolutely is not. I’m just so pleased with the rich feel and look of these great boots that I wanted to spread the word so that other boot lovers could check them out for themselves. Meanwhile, I’ll be wearing my Tecovas while writing my next Western. And as comfortable as they are, lots of other places, too.

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