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Author GP HUTCHINSON - 2016 Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award Winner

“Strong Convictions” Sequel Well Under Way

If you thought Emmett Strong, Li Xu, Juanito, and Sikes were up against tough odds in Strong Convictions, just wait till you pick up a copy of the sequel. The second book in the planned Emmett Strong trilogy–Strong Suspicions–is coming along nicely. Well, nicely for me, that is. At the moment, Emmett is in jail, and the others are on the run.

young cowboy in silhouetteIn the second book of the trilogy, we’ll find Emmett and his compadres back in Texas–San Antonio, to be precise. There they yearn to settle down and live a somewhat more normal life. But that’s not to be. Not yet, at least. Strong’s old friend and fellow Texas Ranger, Jack VanDorn, shows up and informs him that he and his pardners are wanted for armed robbery back in El Paso. The problem is, there was in fact a little encounter back in the border town that some might construe as armed robbery. And that’s just the beginning of the troubles.

Emmett’s enemies multiply in the Strong Convictions sequel–a hired gun who carries around a desiccated  trigger finger in his pocket, a saloon owner with a burning grudge, a powerful bank president fearful that Emmett may ruin his family name, and a paroled inmate just to cite a few. Each has a reason to want Strong ruined or dead.

Built on the Strengths of Strong Convictions

As an author, I’m listening to fans and critics. And I’m writing the second book in the Emmett Strong trilogy of Westerns with their comments in mind. People seem to really like the cast of characters in Strong Convictions. There’s a lot of color and variety among the people who populate the first novel in the series. That will continue into the second book.

Like Strong Convictions, the sequel will include a great deal of suspense along multiple plot lines. Everybody’s got something at stake. Each character has to make lots of decisions, and any poor choice along the way could well land them in deeper trouble–or in a pine box.

And there’s plenty of action right out of the gate. Not much time for Emmett and his amigos to let their heels cool off.

So far, Strong Convictions is performing well, thanks to you who have read it. If you’ve not yet picked up a copy, maybe this would be just the book to get you back in the saddle. As Booker on put it,

A great story from an author who certainly knows his stuff. I can’t wait for the next one. “Strong Convictions” has revived my interest in the west.

I’m listening to you, Booker (and other readers, as well). The sequel’s well under way.

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