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Author GP HUTCHINSON - 2016 Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award Winner

Cover Reveal: Strong Suspicions, Emmett Strong Western #2

One of the most exciting milestones along the road to releasing a new novel is the day an author gets to unveil the cover art for the new title. It’s a day of celebration. The upcoming release is a very real thing–it’s a complete story, approaching it’s final, ready-for-publication form. And the author can hardly wait to get it out to the reading public.

Cover Reveal: Strong Suspicions

StrongSuspicions_CVR_No_RivetAnd so it is that I’m thrilled to be able to show you the cover for Strong Suspicions, the second novel in my Emmett Strong series of Westerns. I’m extremely pleased with what cover artist Steven Novak has come up with, and I’m tremendously grateful to Karla VanHorne of Purdy Gear Custom Leather Goods for permission to use the image of another of her museum-quality gun rigs on the cover. The cover of each installment of the Emmett Strong series is truly unique, not simply the insertion of a stock photo into a cover template.

Strong Convictions, the debut novel in the Emmett Strong series, is doing very well. After winning the National Indie Excellence Award for Best Western of 2015, the novel has recently ranked as high as #3 among classic-style Westerns in’s Kindle Store, and is drawing very favorable reader reviews. Almost daily, I hear from readers who are looking forward to the sequel. What a delight to know that folks are really enjoying the story!

The Sequel

Meanwhile, Strong Suspicions, is shaping up nicely. Just a lot of tweaking, buffing, and polishing going on.

In the second Emmett Strong novel, readers will find our Texas Ranger hero out in El Paso during the scorching heat of summer. Due to the ruckus Emmett, Juanito, and Sikes just happen to raise in the Wild Hog Saloon one blazing afternoon, almost everyone assumes the accusations are correct when the saloon’s owner claims that Emmett and his friends robbed him on the way to the bank the next morning.

Emmett and his amigos have an alibi, but will it hold up when three key witnesses are found murdered where they slept?

And when a notorious hired gun shows up looking for Emmett, the danger is compounded. Concerns about going to jail for armed robbery pale in comparison. Strong and his friends must find out who this gunslick is, who hired him, and whether more like him are on the way. Because somebody else is out there–somebody who wants Emmett on the other side of the misty divide.

Action, suspense, romance, and a colorful cast of characters are hallmarks of the Emmett Strong series of Westerns–all set against the backdrop of the rip-roaring American West of the 1870s and ’80s.

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