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Audible Version of “Strong Convictions” Now Available

Audible Version of Strong Convictions Is Here

StrongConvictions_AudibleDo you prefer hearing a story over reading one? Do you anticipate a long trip soon–a trip that would be a whole lot more enjoyable if you could pass the time listening to a gripping story as you travel? If so, you just may be interested to know that Strong Convictions: An Emmett Strong Western is now available in audio book format.

The Narrator

The Audible version of Strong Convictions is narrated by talented voice actor Alex Zonn. Alex’s voice evokes images of the old-time tradition of storytelling beside a snapping campfire. You’ll imagine yourself beneath a crystal clear nighttime sky somewhere out in the broad expanses of the American West. Before you know it, Alex will transport you back to 1881, to the world of Texas Ranger Emmett Strong. Alex has recorded for the reader the entire award-winning novel, unabridged–so you won’t miss a single captivating scene.

Audible books can be listened to on a broad spectrum of devices from smartphones to tablets to smart TVs. (TV listening may require Amazon Fire, Chromecast, or Roku-type devices.)

Special Offer

From the date of this post, the first 25 NEW subscribers to will receive a FREE copy of the Audible version of Strong Convictions (a $21.83 value). So hurry and sign up using the pop-up before the 25 free copies are gone!

Book Trailers: Do They Work?

Book trailers–do they work? What do you think of the images? The music? The text? Do they generate interest in reading the book? Does a trailer like this need audible narration?  I’d appreciate knowing what you think. So feel free to use the comments box to give your feedback.

Typically, a book trailer is not exactly a movie clip dramatization of a scene from an original novel. It would be incredibly difficult to obtain stock photos that precisely fit the original characters from a particular book. And production costs for a trailer featuring actors who accurately portray the actual characters of the story could become prohibitively expensive in no time.


Should authors and publishers even bother with book trailers? Or do book trailers have their place in helping readers and writers connect? We authors value input from our readers, so reach out and let me know what you think about this trailer or about book trailers in general. Thank you!

Something NEW

Just out–the audio book version of Strong Convictions!

Cover Reveal: Strong Suspicions, Emmett Strong Western #2

One of the most exciting milestones along the road to releasing a new novel is the day an author gets to unveil the cover art for the new title. It’s a day of celebration. The upcoming release is a very real thing–it’s a complete story, approaching it’s final, ready-for-publication form. And the author can hardly wait to get it out to the reading public.

Cover Reveal: Strong Suspicions

StrongSuspicions_CVR_No_RivetAnd so it is that I’m thrilled to be able to show you the cover for Strong Suspicions, the second novel in my Emmett Strong series of Westerns. I’m extremely pleased with what cover artist Steven Novak has come up with, and I’m tremendously grateful to Karla VanHorne of Purdy Gear Custom Leather Goods for permission to use the image of another of her museum-quality gun rigs on the cover. The cover of each installment of the Emmett Strong series is truly unique, not simply the insertion of a stock photo into a cover template.

Strong Convictions, the debut novel in the Emmett Strong series, is doing very well. After winning the National Indie Excellence Award for Best Western of 2015, the novel has recently ranked as high as #3 among classic-style Westerns in’s Kindle Store, and is drawing very favorable reader reviews. Almost daily, I hear from readers who are looking forward to the sequel. What a delight to know that folks are really enjoying the story! Continue reading