2016 Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award Winner

Author GP HUTCHINSON - 2016 Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award Winner

The Ethnic Tension Theme in Strong Convictions

Interracial CoupleI didn’t set out to write a novel built around the theme of ethnic tension. That’s not a drum I typically go around banging. But before I explain how this aspect of my novel, Strong Convictions, came about, let me first say this: Racism is neither uniquely, nor even predominantly an American disgrace. It’s not a shame restricted primarily to the beliefs and behaviors of white-skinned people. Racism is a human problem. The phenomenon has plagued the human race on every inhabited continent for millennia. And it’s ugly in all of its manifestations.

That having been said, I’d like to explain how ethnic tension became a prominent theme in Strong Convictions. Continue reading

Favorite Western Movie (Poll)

So what’s your favorite Western movie? While Westerns were a mainstay of Wild Billtheaters and TV in the 1950s and 1960s, good ones don’t seem to come along very often these days. Just a quick glance at the dates of the films below will confirm that. Nonetheless, I’ll bet a number of you will agree with me that the ones listed here are classics.

I realize that most Westerns are revisionist works, only loosely based on the reality of life in the frontier West. But that’s always been the way with the Western genre of literature and movies–tall tales with larger-than-life heroes. So don’t let historicity stop you. Go ahead and cast your vote.

Which of the following Western movies do you like best?

Got Another Favorite Western Movie?

Don’t be afraid to use the Comments box below to offer a write-in or to defend your choice from the list above.

In Upcoming Posts

In upcoming posts I’ll be offering insights on the novels, novellas, and short stories that some of America’s favorite Western movies were based on. Stay tuned.