2016 Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award Winner

Author GP HUTCHINSON - 2016 Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award Winner

Strong Convictions First Draft Completed

Strong Convictions, the first installment in a series of Old West action novels I plan to release, is becoming a reality! The first draft is complete, drawing to a dramatic conclusion right at the three hundred page mark.

It’s a tall order to fill, but I hope to offer the reader a fresh take on the conventional American Western, building on foundations laid by the likes of Robert B. Parker of Appaloosa fame and Elmore Leonard, author of Three-Ten to Yuma.

cowboy shooting the gun; old wild westMy initial intent is to develop a trilogy featuring the hero Emmett Strong, a prodigy of a pistolero who loses his instinctive prowess with the six-gun the same day he loses his beautiful young wife. As his story progresses from Strong Convictions through Strong Ambitions to Strong Suspicions, Emmett will have to rely on his wits, courage, and character as much as he ever relied on his speed and uncanny marksmanship. Continue reading

Top 20 on Amazon! Thank You, Sumotori Readers!

Top 20 ranking is extremely exciting. Thank you for your interest in and enthusiasm for Sumotori! Hope you’re enjoying reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Amazon Ranking 05.12.14


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Surprise to Some


I’m very excited to announce that, for the past several weeks, I’ve been working vigorously on a new manuscript. It’s a story that fuses some of the terse style of a modern thriller to the conventions of a classic Western. The result is that words are flying and a good portion of my second novel has already been drafted.

The title of the new work is STRONG CONVICTIONS. It’s the first installment in a series of Westerns that will feature the hero EMMETT STRONG.


Cover Design for STRONG CONVICTIONS, An Emmett Strong Western by GP Hutchinson

I know I’m working on the right book now because I find myself “in the zone”–up and ready to write every single day. In contrast, I found myself fighting my previous manuscript (Snow Tiger) more days than not.

I’m now experiencing the same kind of enthusiasm and passion I encountered when writing Sumotori. And I find myself thoroughly enjoying the new characters and plot, just as I deeply fell in love with Tatsuyama, Kobayashi, and Shiori from my first work. This passion–I believe–is essential to creating a work that my readers will delight in as well.

Further evidence Continue reading

SUMOTORI to Be Featured on Book Sites

FKBOOKSANDTIPS_LOGOBook sites such as “Kindle Books and Tips” will make May 9 through May 15 a BIG week for Sumotori  as the novel is slated to be featured on ten of these big bargain book sites. During the same week–for one week only–the Kindle version of Sumotori will be marked down from its regular price of $3.99 to only 99 cents. The following highly-regarded book sites will carry features on Sumotori on various days during the sale week.

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If your friends or family haven’t yet picked up a copy of Sumotori, May 9 through May 15 would be a perfect week to do so.

And Sunday, May 11, is Mothers’ Day. Are stocking stuffers appropriate for Mothers’ Day? Takes on a whole new meaning, doesn’t it? Anyway, my point is that a Kindle copy of Sumotori would make a great add-on gift for mom. Wondering whether mom would even enjoy a book whose hero is a sumo champion? You bet your sweet topknot! Women LOVE this guy!